2018 Southern Georgia Trifedta


2018 Seminole Cup

Hello All,

The Shoot date (2/28-3/4, 2018) is fast approaching.  Preferred rotations are beginning to fill up in certain events.  For those of you that are not familiar with our format, we have 11 different events to enter totaling 850 registered targets.  Practice opportunities are plentiful with our 8 station practice course, practice 5-Stand, and Make-A-Break.  We are planning some great giveaways this year revolving around the fact that it is the 25th Anniversary of the Seminole Cup. 

We have eclipsed the 300 mark and have drawn for an entry to the EZ-GO Challenge held on Friday, March 2nd. Congratulations to shooter number 117, Carolyn Phillips!  The EZ-GO Challenge is your chance to win an EZ-GO S4 valued at $10,000.  The top 3 shooters from classes M-E will qualify for a handicapped shoot off held on Saturday night under the lights.  The Golf Cart has been won by E and D class shooters in the past so don’t count yourself out.  This event will be the first to fill up so register soon.  Currently the 8:30 rotation is all that is available.

If you are not aware already, The Seminole Cup will be the first leg of the “South Georgia Trifecta”.  The shooter with the highest total Main Event scores in their respective NSCA class at the Seminole Cup, Georgia State, and Southeast Regional will win $1500.  This will be based on the class the shooter participates in at the Seminole Cup.  Thanks to Forest City Gun Club for partnering with us to make this happen. 

Seminole Cup registration is available here. Golf Cart Rentals will be handled directly through Mid Florida Golf Carts again this year. 

Check out our website: http://seminolecup.net/ . We still have some sponsorship spots available.  If you are interested please reach out to Shereen at broadfieldseminolecup@gmail.com.  Shereen is also handling vendor spots as well. 

We are looking forward to another great shoot.  See y’all in March.

Jon Kent

Director of Outdoor Pursuits

Sea Island Company

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